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Literary and contemporary fiction. Writing that transcends genre.

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Vadim Babenko | Author

Writing for me is not a career, not a means to celebrity. It’s truly the essence of my being, the core of my existence.

I knew this from my early twenties and have never doubted it for a second. The most fascinating thing in the world for me has always been the magic of words, the beauty and harmony hidden within texts. I wanted to learn how to trace and expose them, how to capture them, touch them with my fingers. I know it’s impossible. But I’m still trying.

Each book is a separate universe, a cosmos with its own metrics. The only thing that makes sense in my life is nourishing these universes in my mind for years, and when they’re mature enough, converting them into written narratives, fixing their inner logic, setting the laws of their physics.

This is a tough job which never leaves you in peace. I wouldn’t want any other.

About Vadim Babenko

  • Born in the Soviet Union.
  • Earned master’s and doctoral degrees from the Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology, Russia’s equivalent to MIT.
  • As a scientist at the Soviet Academy of Sciences, became a recognized leader in the area of artificial intelligence.
  • Published his first book of poetry.
  • Moved to the U.S. and co-founded a high-tech bioinformatics company.
  • Published his second book of poetry.
  • Left the company right after the successful IPO – to the bewilderment of everybody. Became a full-time writer.
  • Published five books in Russian including two novels, THE BLACK PELICAN and A SIMPLE SOUL. Both novels were nominated for the National Bestseller and the Big Book awards, Russia’s most prestigious literary prizes.
  • Published third novel, SEMMANT, exclusively in English. The book was initially written in Russian and then translated with the author’s active participation.
  • Published English versions of THE BLACK PELICAN and A SIMPLE SOUL. Both books were also translated with the author’s active participation.
  • A SIMPLE SOUL and SEMMANT won one of the most notable small publisher award in the US – in General Fiction and Science Fiction categories. THE BLACK PELICAN was a finalist in the Literary Fiction category of the same award.