Вадим Бабенко

Современная проза. Новая традиция, эксклюзивный жанр.

Избранные рецензии

"Роман, в котором есть тесная Москва и широкая провинция, красивые и не очень счастливые женщины, смешные мужчины с закидонами, поезда, летящие сквозь ночную степь, и пассажиры, сетующие на всеобщий дефицит любви; роман, проникнутый тонким чувством России." --Лев Данилкин, Afisha.ru, о книге ПРОСТАЯ ДУША

"Babenko has created a fascinating story, peopled with unbelievable characters in whom we believe nonetheless. He introduces emotions where we would not expect to find them, and keeps us rapidly turning the pages....This is one of the best books that I have recently read. I loved the writing and the complexity of the story along with the many philosophical questions and dilemmas that it presents." --Chanticleer Book Reviews on SEMMANT

"This is most certainly the most unique book that I have read in a very long time....Vadim Babenko has truly created something that any reader is going to enjoy. This is by far the most thought-provoking book I have read this year and I am eagerly looking for other books by this author." --Kathryn Bennett, Readers' Favorite, on SEMMANT

"Babenko is a very interesting author who tosses off complex observations concerning a variety of contemporary topics that are cleverly pitched through his protagonist Bogdan Bogdanov." --Norman Goldman, Bookpleasures.com, on SEMMANT

"Yet another compelling masterpiece from Vadim Babenko, the award nominated Russian novelist who successfully explores the idea of a robot that finds itself turning into a human being. I really enjoyed reading this book!" --Maria Beltran, Readers' Favorite, on SEMMANT

"This book is a fascinating psychological portrait - one that I won't soon forget." --Annamaria Farbizio, Readers' Favorite, on SEMMANT

"SEMMANT has a deceptive plot. What seems very unassuming on the surface is actually a very profound design of layer upon layer....The characters are fascinating....Author Vadim Babenko is a genius." --Anne Boling, Readers' Favorite, on SEMMANT

"I read this one from cover to cover in one sitting without wanting to be disturbed for anything, so I would recommend it to any reader who enjoys a good story with a lot happening, and twists that end in a path you did not expect." --Kathryn Bennett, Readers' Favorite, on A SIMPLE SOUL

"I can't say enough about Babenko's amazing power of description especially with his splendidly depicted characters." --Norman Goldman, Bookpleasures.com, on A SIMPLE SOUL

"Once again, award-nominated author Vadim Babenko has come up with a masterpiece that will take suspense novel lovers into a thrilling ride....The book has been crafted in the riveting style of prose that is truly Babenko's. All readers must reserve a spot on their shelves for the novel A SIMPLE SOUL. A very entertaining read!" --Maria Beltran, Readers' Favorite, on A SIMPLE SOUL

"THE BLACK PELICAN is a sagacious novel that is powerfully written. You will find yourself reflecting on the philosophical questions Babenko puts forth long after you have read the last page." --Chanticleer Book Reviews on THE BLACK PELICAN

"The Hemingway-style writing is masterfully done and the ending is not disappointing. It's a book definitely worthy of a five-star rating." --Carol Thompson, Readers' Favorite, on THE BLACK PELICAN

"This was one of those books that made me smile to myself as I read the opening lines and realized that I'm reading something very special indeed -- and I was in no way disappointed. THE BLACK PELICAN, in fact, exceeded my wildest expectations." --Jack Magnus, Readers' Favorite, on THE BLACK PELICAN

"This is a masterful nail-biter that begs for its pages to be turned until the last page leaves you staring into space, analyzing what just happened....A super great read, especially if you don't put it down until you finish the whole story!" --Brenda Ballard, Readers' Favorite, on THE BLACK PELICAN