Vadim Babenko

Bridging true science and literary fiction


He didn't expect to wake up dead. Now he wants to prove the afterlife exists.

BASED ON REAL SCIENCE -- see this article for details.

"This book may well change our perception of life itself!"
Readers' Favorite

Is there any hope that our memory and consciousness remain intact after death? Could a man with a highly critical mind - a determined physicist - become convinced of such a thing? Yes, he could, if the evidence were undeniable - and he finds such evidence.

Theo, a brilliant scientist with no time for the metaphysical, wakes confused and disoriented but soon replaces his doubt with obsession. He sets out to prove a theory: the human soul can claim an independent existence. What he had considered the dreams of mystics acquires a basis in reality. The laws of karma and the precepts of love, predestination and interlinking fates - all interact, playing their own roles. And he has to make sense of this in a very strange place. A place called Quarantine...

Can he bend his new world to reunite with his soulmate?